Regional Manager (2)

Job responsibilities: responsible for communicating with customers, prompting customers to agree to sell our products.


1. higher diploma or above, more than 170cm.

2. more than two years of work experience. Good graduates are also available.

3. accept long stay abroad, bear hardships and stand hard work and be good at learning.

Salary treatment:

4000+3000 grants + high commission + high reward + three benefits

Fringe benefits:

Social security - pay 7 risks.

Welfare - enjoy traffic and other benefits.

Vacation benefits - single and double-round vacation, working 7.5 hours a day, one year of paid vacation, in addition to the national statutory holidays, every year has a small winter vacation.

Traffic treatment - the company provides free transportation for employees to commute to work.

Accommodation benefits - provide accommodation.

Other treatment new employees are trained for jobs and provide good promotion channels.